Andrea Zittel

Contemporary Arts Museum Houston
5216 Montrose Boulevard
October 1, 2005–January 1, 2006

Curated by Paola Morsiani and Trevor Smith

Andrea Zittel has carved out—or knitted, drilled, and glue-gunned—a niche in critiquing the über-efficient but impersonal domestic lifestyle. Since the early ’90s, she has turned on its head every cultural signpost of utopian freedom, from homemade clothes to the RV. At the CAMH (which co-organized the exhibition with New York’s New Museum), Zittel’s gouache drawings, dehydrated food, and living units will settle in one place for the first time on native soil. It should be the most avant-garde RV park in Houston’s history.

Travels to the New Museum of Contemporary Art, New York, Jan. 26, 2005–Apr. 29, 2006; Albright-Knox Art Gallery, Buffalo, NY, Oct. 6, 2006– Jan. 7, 2007; Museum of Contemporary Art, Los Angeles, Mar. 4–May 21, 2007; and other venues.