George Brecht

Museum Ludwig
September 17, 2005–January 8, 2006

Curated by Alfred M. Fischer and Julia Robinson

George Brecht once described his events as “very private, like little enlightenments I wanted to communicate to my friends who would know what to do with them.” Though this reticence has restricted his oeuvre’s accessibility, intimacy remains one of his work’s greatest strengths. Brecht is inextricably linked with Fluxus, but his art is too elusive to be quite nameable. Accompanied by a catalogue edited by Fischer, including the artist’s statements and texts, this retrospective comprising two hundred works—books, installations, assemblages, and more, dating from 1957 through the ’90s—should bring Brecht wider attention. But the happy few already in on the secret might quietly regret it.

Travels to MACBA, Barcelona, May 2006.