Henri Rousseau

Tate Modern
November 3, 2005–February 2, 2006

Curated by Christopher Green, Frances Morris, and Claire Frèches

Although born in 1844, Henri “le Douanier” Rousseau very much belongs to the history of modernism. It is thus fitting that Tate Modern should mount a show primarily of his jungle paintings, with their mixture of animal violence, impossible flora, and dreamlike fantasy. The first substantial presentation of Rousseau’s work to be held in Britain in eighty years, it benefits from considerable new research into the “exotic” in Paris by the Courtauld’s Christopher Green and should be a revelation to a new public of this astonishing, far-from-naive painter.

Travels to the Grand Palais, Paris, Mar. 13–June 19, 2006; National Gallery of Art, Washington, DC, July 16–Oct. 15, 2006.