Olafur Eliasson

Malmö Konsthall
St Johannesgatan 7
September 10, 2005–January 22, 2006

Curated by Lars Grambye and Åsa Nacking

Also on view at Lunds Konsthall

Clearly preferring to take things day by day, Olafur Eliasson follows up his installation at the Venice Biennale—a dark jewel of a pavilion on San Lazzaro island that duplicates and then distills the Mediterranean sun’s effects from dawn to dusk into a fourteen-minute cycle—with a series of rooms in Malmö presenting gradations of natural and manmade light. Here, the solar and synthetic accumulate into one seamless spectrum, even becoming indistinguishable—such that Eliasson’s usual probing of perception, by underscoring our projections onto the natural world, now turns to that world’s augmented reality. A complementary exhibition in nearby Lund revolves on small-scale works and display models, upping the ante on his endeavors of self-awareness and providing a kind of periodic table for his enterprise.