• “Here Comes the Sun”

    Magasin III
    Frihamnsgatan 28
    August 27–December 4, 2005

    Curated by Daniel Birnbaum, Rosa Martínez, Jérôme Sans, and Sarit Shapira

    When is a Konsthall not a Konsthall? When it is Magasin 3 in Stockholm. Guided by an inimitably plucky vision that resists definition, M3 has been staking out its own territory in contemporary art since 1987. Last year, four associate curators—Daniel Birnbaum, Rosa Martínez, Jérôme Sans, and Sarit Shapira—joined the staff, and their inaugural exhibition, “Here Comes the Sun,” materializes in late summer, just as the Scandinavian sun begins its slow disappearing act. Nine international artists, from Israel’s Avital Geva to Germany’s Tobias Rehberger to Spain’s Pilar Albarracín, dip into the really big questions concerning cosmology and time. The result should bring to light a spectrum of work that lives up to Magasin 3’s habit for dispensing with the routine.