The Surreal Calder

The Menil Collection
1533 Sul Ross Street
September 30, 2005–January 8, 2006

Curated by Mark Rosenthal

“Surrealism,” like “Romanticism,” encompasses a bewildering variety of artists as different as Magritte and Miró. Now Calder will be initiated into this strange fraternity. Often pigeonholed simply as the inventor of the mobile, Calder in fact participated in many of the vital artistic movements of his time, but it was Surrealism that rooted his art in a biomorphic universe. Calder’s flying, crawling creatures, celestial visions, and fantastic constructions from unexpected fragments—dating from 1927 to 1947—will find themselves at home in the company of works by his European friends and contemporaries, from Tanguy to Ernst.

Travels to SF MoMA, Mar. 3–May 21, 2006; Minneapolis Institute of Arts, June 11–Sept. 10, 2006.