• Fred Sandback

    Kunstmuseum Liechtenstein

    November 18, 2005–February 5, 2006

    Curated by Friedemann Malsch and Christiane Meyer-Stoll

    In a lecture last year, Andrea Fraser observed that Fred Sandback’s work makes her cry. Sandback’s spare installations of twine indeed elicit a strong response: Engaging or annoying, they rarely inspire indifference. This show, organized in cooperation with the artist’s widow, Amy Sandback, brings the Fred Sandback revival, inaugurated by Lynne Cooke at Dia:Chelsea in 1996, to an apogee. Including some fifty sculptures from 1967 to 2003 in wool, string, and metal, as well as graphic media, and a catalogue with contributions by the artist and such luminaries as Sol LeWitt and Olafur Eliasson, it should make a strong case for Sandback’s achievement.

    _Travels to the Fruitmarket Gallery, Edinburgh, Mar.–May 2006; CAPC Musée de Bordeaux, Feb.–May 2007.