• Nedko Solakov

    Kunsthaus Zurich
    Heimplatz 1
    September 2–November 16, 2005

    Curated by Mirjam Varadinis

    With characteristic conceptual specificity and comic brio, Bulgarian artist Nedko Solakov mounts his own personal “Salon des Refusés.” Comprising nearly one hundred works in painting, photography, drawing, and video left unsold after twenty-plus years of gallery shows, Solakov’s conceptual exercise thumbs its nose at the dictatorship of capital that increasingly overdetermines the discourse surrounding contemporary art. His assemblage of “leftovers,” significantly sited an hour from art-mecca Basel, highlights how the market and institutions sometimes butt heads on the importance of objects. It also rescues some of Solakov’s quirky, poetic, and poignant works from their undeserved hibernation in his studio and gallery back rooms.