• Doug Aitken, the movement, 2000, color photograph mounted on Plexiglas, 40 x 50".

    Doug Aitken

    Aspen Art Museum
    637 East Hyman
    June 2–July 23, 2006

    Curated by Heidi Zuckerman Jacobson

    This survey will be the first to focus exclusively on Doug Aitken’s still photography, which, like his more familiar video installations, explores such themes as disembodiment, solitude, spatial dislocation, and nonlinear narrative. While Aitken’s moving-image environments are immersive and sensory, however, his photographs are silent, lucid, and haunting imprints of recurring interests—nighttime cityscapes, places of public transit (highways, airports, and bus stations). The pictures, about thirty of which are presented in this exhibition, often feel disembodied from the physical world they represent, as if describing the shadowy experience of the somnambulist. The accompanying publication, made in close collaboration with Aitken, will take the form of something between a catalogue and an artist’s book.