• Lee Lozano

    Kunsthalle Basel
    Steinenberg 7
    June 15–August 27, 2006

    Curated by Adam Szymczyk

    In the early ’70s, Lee Lozano left the art world and never looked back. The rediscovery of this iconoclastic—and notorious—figure of the ’60s began just before her death in 1999 and continues apace with this comprehensive survey, the artist’s first in Europe. Comprising approximately one hundred works spanning Lozano’s ten-year career, the show traces the path of her art from the physical to the cerebral. Included are intense and emotionally raw early drawings (the words “he gave her a good screwing he said” accompany the image of a man sawing through a two-by-four); “tool” paintings full of manic, masculine energy; minimal canvases from the mid-’60s; and late Conceptual text pieces, some of the era’s most irreverent. Throwing Up Piece from 1969 instructs, “Throw the last twelve issues of Artforum up in the air.”

    Travels to the Van Abbemuseum, Eindhoven, the Netherlands,Oct. 1– Nov. 19.