• Tacita Dean, Diamond Ring, 2002, still from a color film in 16 mm, 6 minutes.

    Tacita Dean


    May 13–October 24, 2006

    Curated by Theodora Vischer

    Described as a “viewing warehouse,” the Schaulager aims at a new approach to the study and conservation of art, halfway between storage and display. But its formidable yearly exhibitions—previous subjects have been Dieter Roth, Jeff Wall, and the building’s architects, Herzog & de Meuron—clearly indicate that this institution also seeks a consecratory role à la Dia. So welcome “Tacita Dean—Analogue: Films, Photographs, Drawings 1991–2006,” the latest retrospective devoted to the remarkable Berlin-based English artist, who over the past decade has been a central figure in film’s massive migration to the precincts of art. Rigorously analytical, Dean’s work is nonetheless intensely atmospheric and intimate—filled with a muted sense of yearning. The effect of the twenty films, photographs, and drawings on view is guaranteed to be overwhelming.