• Keith Tyson

    Louisiana Museum of Modern Art
    Gl. Strandvej 13
    October 14, 2006–January 14, 2007

    De Pont Museum
    Wilhelminapark 1
    February 3–June 17, 2007

    Curated by Hendrik Driessen and Anders Kold

    Keith Tyson’s sense of wonder at individuality in a universe where everything is interdependent has given rise to a series of vibrant and complex works. His latest project comprises more than two hundred discrete sculptural forms—from illusionistic structures to residues of physical processes—that will be set out on a grid covering the floor and walls of the museum. Just as the radio telescopes in New Mexico’s Very Large Array combine to focus on a single point in the cosmos, Tyson’s Large Field Array, 2006, provides a “lens” through which the viewer can trace the various forces and connections (visual, psychological, and so on) that determine our experience of the world. This show, co-organized with the De Pont Foundation, features the installation (in its premiere) and eighteen related drawings.