• Andreas Slominski

    Domstraße 10
    September 23, 2006–January 28, 2007

    Curated by Udo Kittelmann and Mario Kramer

    They say it takes three Andreas Slominski fans to change a lightbulb: one to hold the bulb, two to rotate the stepladder. The German artist’s elaborate works—which include uprooting a lamppost to get a bicycle tire around the base, and shipping a stolen gallery door (the Wrong Gallery’s, of course) halfway around the globe and back only to re-install it in its original location with no perceptible difference—usually boast an impressive sledgehammer-to-nut ratio. The MMK’s exhibition of Slominski’s aesthetic-philosophical teases—roughly sixty pieces in various media, made since 1986—will focus on his darker, scarier side, such as his elaborately fangled animal traps. So visitors be warned: This is one show you may never leave.