• Richard Deacon, Out of Order, 2003, steamed oak, stainless steel, and screws, 6' 3“ x 23' x 18' 8 1/2”.

    Richard Deacon

    Ikon Gallery
    1 Oozells Square Brindleyplace
    January 31–March 18, 2007

    Curated by Jonathan Watkins

    Richard Deacon’s exuberant curiosity has led him to explore the fullest range of techniques and materials: He has, for example, made his own bricks, constructed a display table, and a made a work based on a collection of newspapers. Through his disarming openness he has continued for more than twenty-five years to conduct a complex debate with sculptural traditions and practices, as well as with the mechanisms through which a work offers itself for scrutiny. Some of the pieces in this exhibition—curated by Jonathan Watkins—demand to be literally walked on, looked down upon, or pored over rather than confronted face-to-face. This tightly focused survey of Deacon’s production from the past six years gathers together large and small ceramic pieces, collections of found objects, works on paper, a wall drawing, and two new brick-based works.