Christian Marclay, Telephones, 1995, still from a digital video in color with sound, 7 minutes 30 seconds.


Christian Marclay

Musée de la Musique

March 9–June 24

Flaunting a knack for the wry détournement of found objects and images—specifically those related to the making, recording, reproduction, and visualization of sound—Swiss-American artist Christian Marclay illuminates some of the myriad ways in which music intersects with culture at large. This first survey of his work in video—curated by Emma Lavigne—includes documentation of various performances from the 1980s; the exuberant four-projector installation Video Quartet, 2002; and a trigger-happy new piece, Cross Fire, 2007. A veteran of New York’s postpunk and electronica scenes, Marclay brings an instrumentalist’s sense of rhythm and a DJ’s juxtapositional skill to the medium. The catalogue features essays by Rosalind Krauss, Michael Snow, and Jean-Pierre Criqui, among others.