• Manfred Pernice, Untitled (Blue Square, 2 Holes), 1997, cut-and-pasted printed and painted paper with watercolor, pencil, and ballpoint pen on cardstock, 8 1/4 x 11 1/2".

    Manfred Pernice

    Museum Ludwig
    April 20–August 19, 2007

    Curated by Barbara Engelbach

    Manfred Pernice’s jerry-built structures and objects, along with the related imagery and documentation pasted to their surfaces or placed on adjacent gallery walls, address the ideological inflections and physical constrictions of architectural form. Scale is used as a wrench to open the mechanisms of manufacture and social control to inquiry: A tin can, for example, exchanges meaning and function with a dustbin or a skyscraper, and the conversation between them points up the constructed and manipulated nature of social space and the disjunctions that exist between needs, wants, and desires. This show of new and recent work—curated by Barbara Engelbach—will include several small pieces alongside large installations, among them Bibette Headland, 1999, and a specially constructed viewing platform that will afford an overview of the exhibition space.