Rain, 2005, watercolor on paper, 15 7/8 x 8 7/8".


David Lynch

Fondation Cartier Pour l'Art Contemporain
261 boulevard Raspail
March 3–June 3

Curated by Hervé Chandès

If the films of David Lynch teach us anything, it is not to trust conventional narratives, even of the self. So one looks forward to parsing the stories told by this extensive exhibition—curated by Hervé Chandès—of the Montana-born auteur’s parallel practices in painting, drawing, and photography, shown alongside a number of Lynch’s short films, including Six Men Getting Sick, 1965, made when he was an MFA student at the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts in Philadelphia. Environmental sound works will knit the installation together, meaning that the junky chic of fellow director Godard’s recent intervention across town at the Pompidou is hardly the mode here. Nevertheless, it seems reasonable to hope for a presentation both elusive and unsettled, in the transcendentalist style of his cinema, which has been so influential on artists for the past couple of decades.