Gordon Matta-Clark,Conical Intersect, 1975, black-and-white photograph, 42 x 42". © Estate of Gordon Matta-Clark.

New York

Gordon Matta-Clark

Whitney Museum of American Art
99 Gansevoort Street
February 22–June 3

Curated by Elisabeth Sussman

Using his mind like a chainsaw to cut through the surface of ideas and things in order to expose their essential structures, Gordon Matta-Clark produced a body of work whose generative conceptual clarity has only grown in influence since his untimely death in 1978 at age thirty-five. Matta-Clark was an effortlessly sophisticated, joyfully indefatigable creative force with the mind of an architect, the heart of an activist, and the soul of a poet. Long overdue, this exhibition—curated by Elisabeth Sussman—will be the first US retrospective of the influential artist’s work since the 1985 survey at Chicago’s Museum of Contemporary Art. Featuring some 150 works—from notebooks to the famous building cuts—the show will provide an opportunity for viewers to fully contextualize the complex, interlocking elements of one of postwar art’s most exceptional careers. Travels to the Museum of Contemporary Art, Los Angeles, dates TBA.