Mariko Mori, WaveUFO, 1999–2002, brainwave interface, vision dome, projector, computer system, fiber glass, Technogel®, Acrylic, carbon fiber, aluminum, magnesium, 16' 2 1/8“ x 37' 2 7/16” x 17' 3 7/8". Installation view.


Mariko Mori

ARoS Aarhus Kunstmuseum
Aros Allé 2
October 13–January 27

Groninger Museum
Museumeiland 1
April 29–September 2

Curated by Sue-an van der Sijpp and Mark Wilson

After touching down in Venice, New York, and elsewhere, Mariko Mori’s Wave UFO, 2003—a pearlescent, teardrop-shaped pod in which two prone viewers are surrounded by visual manifestations of their brain waves—lands at the Groninger Museum, where it anchors this survey of the Japanese visionary’s work. The show—curated by Sue-an van der Zijpp and Mark Wilson—will include the video piece Kumano, 1998, and several recent sculptures, such as Transcircle and Moonstone, both 2004. All told, approximately three dozen examples of Mori’s techno spiritualism will offer visitors glimpses of a new-millennium sublime. A comprehensive catalogue with texts by the artist will accompany the exhibition. Travels to ARoS Aarhus Kunstmuseum, Denmark, Oct. 13, 2007–Jan. 27, 2008.