Mark Dion, Les Nécrophores—L'Enterrement (Hommage à Jean-Henri Fabre), 1997, synthetic mole, rope, cast resin insects, 98 7/16 x 49 3/16 x 55 1/8".


Mark Dion

Dunkers Kulturhus
Kungsgatan 11
May 25–August 26

Carré d'Art - Musée d'Art Contemporain
Place de la Maison Carrée
February 7–April 22

Seedamm Kulturzentrum

September 15–November 11

Curated by Françoise Cohen

Working at the intersection of natural science, history, and museology for more than twenty years, Mark Dion has applied systems of taxonomy to everything from marine animals in Manhattan’s Chinatown to objects found buried on the site of the extension to the New York Museum of Modern Art. This exhibition—curated by Françoise Cohen—organizes 120 of Dion’s works from the past fifteen years—including installations, drawings, and videos—into the five categories instituted by natural-history museums in the nineteenth century: earth science, entomology, archaeology, ornithology, and mammology. A sixth section looks at classifying the museum itself. It sounds as if Dion is deploying his own oeuvre to foreground the critique of museological frameworks that is perhaps the most striking aspect of his artistic practice.