• Eden's Edge: Fifteen LA Artists

    Hammer Museum
    10899 Wilshire Boulevard
    May 13–September 2, 2007

    Curated by Gary Garrels

    For his first survey since joining the Hammer in May 2005, chief curator Gary Garrels eschews thematic, generational, and medium-specific coherence in favor of unexpected regional connections that reflect the casual pluralism of his new home. Juxtaposing an oddball assortment of idiosyncratic artists including Jim Shaw, Liz Craft, and the late Jason Rhoades, the show doodles—strategically—across the eclectic cultural map of Southern California. Most of the approximately one hundred works, all made in the past decade, will negotiate the landscape, the figure, or both, while emphasizing recurring motifs such as sexual desire (Monica Majoli, Lari Pittman), obsessive handiwork (Ginny Bishton, Elliott Hundley, Rebecca Morales), and psychedelic experience (Ken Price, Sharon Ellis, Matthew Greene)—though expect such categories to overlap and dissolve as quickly as they materialize.

  • Identity Theft: Eleanor Antin, Lynn Hershman, and Suzy Lake, 1972–78

    ICA - Institute of Contemporary Art, Los Angeles
    Bergamot Station G1 2525 Michigan Avenue
    May 19–August 11, 2007

    Curated by Jori Finkel

    Before Judith Butler theorized gender as performative, and before Cindy Sherman began snapping her “Untitled Film Stills” in 1977, Eleanor Antin, Lynn Hershman, and Suzy Lake had all taken on alter egos to explore female identity and its constructs. Organized by Art + Auction senior editor Jori Finkel and coinciding with LA MoCA’s “WACK! Art and the Feminist Revolution,” which also features these three prescient artists, this show comprises 117 works, including Hershman’s 1975–78 project documenting the life of invented woman Roberta Breitmore, played by Hershman, and Lake’s series of photographic self-portraits painted with cosmetics—neither of which has been shown in full in the United States since the ’70s. Antin’s better-known project involving her three Jungian “selves” will be shown along with her 1977 disaster-movie spoof The Nurse and Hijackers.