Made in Germany

Made In Germany
Kestnergesellschaft: Goseriede 11 | Kunstverein Hannover: Sophienstraße 2 | Sprengel Museum Hannover: Kurt-Schwitters-Platz
May 25–August 26, 2007

Curated by Stephan Berg, Velt Gömer, and Ulrich Kempel

If you thought Berlin was where it’s at, it is time to travel to Hannover to find out more about art being made in Germany today. This vast exhibition, spread over three museums, presents seventy-five works in various media by fifty-two artists, both German and nonnative, working within the country’s borders. Featuring artists such as Fernando Bryce, Sabine Hornig, and Simon Starling, “Made in Germany” sets its sights on recent work, with nearly 70 percent of the show consisting of brand-new pieces. Framing this survey is a cultural-political agenda: To present how systems of exchange—economic, aesthetic, and intellectual—particular to an artwork’s country of origin, condition the form that artwork takes. Presumably, then, the show will underscore the internationality of Germany’s art scene and its attendant cultural swapping.

Pamela Kort