• Making It New: The Art and Style of Sara and Gerald Murphy

    Williams College Museum of Art (WCMA)
    15 Lawrence Hall Drive
    July 8–November 11, 2007

    Curated by Deborah Rothschild

    Today, only seven canvases by modernist painter Gerald Murphy survive. Nevertheless, he and his wife, Sara, remain two significant figures in the history of modernism. In 1921, the wealthy American couple immigrated to France and, shuffling between Paris and the Riviera, became the ultimate expatriate bons vivants. Defining their artistic agenda as that of living well in the eccentric circles of the avant-garde, the couple befriended, patronized, and served as muses for such greats as Picasso, Hemingway, and Léger. Intermixing eighty-five artworks (Murphy’s seven included) with extensive archival material, this exhibition attempts to harness all the social and artistic dimensions of the duo’s luxe-bohemian milieu in the 1920s and ’30s. Travels to the Yale University Art Gallery, New Haven, Feb. 26–May 4, 2008; Dallas Museum of Art, June 8–Sept. 15, 2008.