David Claerbout, Sections of a Happy Moment, 2007, single channel black-and-white video with sound, 26 minutes.


David Claerbout

Centre Pompidou
Place Georges-Pompidou
October 2, 2007–January 7, 2008

Curated by Christine Van Assche

Architecture figures prominently in Belgian artist David Claerbout’s investigations of space and time in photography, film, and video. His 2007 slide show Sections of a Happy Moment presents multiple views of a Chinese family at play in the Kiel, a large housing complex designed by Belgium’s lyrical modernist Renaat Braem. For Bordeaux Piece, 2004, a thirteen-hour video set in Rem Koolhaas’s villa in Floriac, France, Claerbout filmed a short narrative sequence repeatedly in the course of a day; shadows produced by the changing light (the sole variation) deconstruct the space as time passes. These two works, along with three other videos made within the past five years, will be shown in the Pompidou’s South Gallery, which Claerbout is fitting with a specially built screening infrastructure to defy the museum’s iconic but ever-void architecture—an intervention that somehow seems right in line with his practice.