• Ferdinand Hodler, Die Nacht, 1889–90, oil on linen, 45 11/16 x 117 11/16".

    Ferdinand Hodler

    Kunstmuseum Bern
    Hodlerstrasse 12
    April 9–August 10, 2008

    Museum of Fine Arts, Budapest (Closed for renovation until 2018)
    Dózsa György út 41
    September 7–December 14, 2008

    Curated by Katharina Schmidt and Matthias Frehner

    Ferdinand Hodler (1853–1918) was born in Bern, so this retrospective honors a native son, even if Hodler's artistic life didn't really begin until he moved to Geneva, where he studied with Barthélemy Menn, a friend of Corot's and pupil of Ingres's, and first came into contact with French and Belgian Symbolism. After encountering Pierre Puvis de Chavanne's painting, Hodler sloughed off the influence of Courbet's realism, fashioning his own somnolent-poetical transalpine style, epitomized by Die Nacht, 1889–90, a highlight of the Kunstmuseum Bern's permanent collection. The pervyness of the painting's seemingly drugged-out intertwined nudes caused an uproar but garnered international renown, as both Puvis and Rodin praised the work. With more than 120 canvases, this exhibition is the most extensive Hodler show in fifty years. Travels to the Museum of Fine Arts, Budapest, Sept. 7–Dec. 14.