• Wolfgang Tillmans, Lighter II, 2005, unique color print, 24 x 20".

    “Falling Right into Place: The Fold in Contemporary Art”

    Kaiser Wilhelm Museum
    Joseph Beuys-Platz 1
    March 2–May 25, 2008

    Curated by Sylvia Martin

    Also on view at Museum Haus Lange

    Taking a cue from Gilles Deleuze's invocation of the fold as a basic ordering unit—in turn borrowed from Leibniz's theory of the monad—“Falling Right into Place” will bring together twenty videos, photographs, installations, and sculptures that riff on this theme. More exploratory than didactic, the two-venue show intends to function as a “basic research” effort into the idea of folding and its related, Serra-esque processes: e.g., wrapping, stripping, appearing, postponing. Gareth James's architectural models and Pierre Huyghe's origami sculptures will be shown alongside works by eighteen other artists, including Doug Aitken, John Baldessari, Eva Hesse, Wolfgang Tillmans, and Janaina Tschäpe, and read against a hefty and appropriately interdisciplinary catalogue—with essays by Antje von Graevenitz, curator Sylvia Martin, and others.