Still from CELLAR DOOR—BUCKY, THE INTERGALACTIC DRAW, 2007–2008, 16mm film transfered to 35mm, 6 minutes 50 seconds. Photo: Ghosting.


Loris Gréaud

Palais de Tokyo
13, Avenue du Président Wilson
February 14–May 4, 2008

Curated by Marc-Olivier Wahler

Granting Loris Gréaud domain over its entire exhibition space—an unprecedented opportunity for a French artist under thirty—the Palais de Tokyo will present “Cellar Door,” a show with operatic implications. A libretto will integrate installations from 2001 to the present, one of which, in an act of Gréaud's signature “spatiotemporal” repositionings, will be a replication of his first major solo show at Le Plateau, Paris, in 2005. A new work—a paintball terrain where players armed with pellets of International Klein Blue are to “perform” once a day—will boast technical effects conjured by an on-site studio, thus revealing the mechanics of production, especially apparent when the exhibition is switched “on” and “off” twice daily. In lieu of a catalogue, Palais magazine will devote an issue to this venture, further mobilizing Gréaud's proposed constellation of interconnectivity.