• Simon Starling, Autoxylopyrocycloboros, 2006, color transparency, dimensions variable.

    Simon Starling

    The Power Plant
    231 Queens Quay West
    March 1–May 11, 2008

    Curated by Gregory Burke

    Simon Starling is the master of productive detours. By changing or recontextualizing objects of various types, he grants them the power to tell new stories in which personal histories are rerouted to intersect with broader cultural currents. Starling does the same with his latest project, a site-specific commission for the Power Plant, which involves submerging in Lake Ontario, a copy of Warrior with Shield, 1953–54, by British sculptor Henry Moore—whose Archer, 1964–65, has stood, despite much controversy, outside Toronto's City Hall since 1966—so that it will become encrusted with Eastern European zebra mussels, a species that has invaded the Great Lakes. The outcome—Infestation Piece (Musseled Moore)—will be shown together with nine other works made in the past five years; the catalogue promises contributions by the curator, art historian Mark Godfrey, and others.