Ulla von Brandenburg, Untitled, 2007, ink and watercolor on tissue, 58 1/4 x 45 1/4".


Ulla von Brandenburg

Kunstverein für die Rheinlande und Westfalen
Grabbeplatz 4
February 16 - April 20

Curated by Vanessa Joan Müller

Like some other artists for whom the world is a stage—to paraphrase the title of the Tate Modern group exhibition in which she recently appeared—Ulla von Brandenburg reanimates outmoded theatrical tropes (notably, the tableau vivant), along with nineteenth-century source materials drawn from that moment when the avant-garde seemed as enamored of the occult as of industrialism and science. Her 16-mm films, watercolors, murals, and labyrinthine installations of moving-image projections on fabric panels—all of which will be represented in this exhibition of new and recent works—are thus haunted by the past, but nevertheless suggest a possible future for performance, object making, and the zones of interchange between the two. Accompanying the show is a catalogue by curator Vanessa Joan Müller and Nina Möntmann.