Adam Pendleton, The Revival, 2007. Performance view, Stephan Weiss Studio, New York, 2007. Photo: Paula Court.


“After 1968: Contemporary Artists and the Civil Rights Legacy”

High Museum of Art
1280 Peachtree Street, NE
June 7–October 5, 2008

Smithsonian National Museum of African American History and Culture
Capital Gallery 600 Maryland Avenue SW Suite 7001
November 8, 2008–March 9, 2009

Curated by Jeffrey Grove

That every artist whose work is featured in “After 1968” was born in or after the titular year—a crucial one in the struggle it proposes to examine—suggests a project tempered by critical distance; no knee-jerk polemics or hazy nostalgia here. Opening concurrently with the High's more straightforwardly historical survey “Road to Freedom: Photographs of the Civil Rights Movement, 1956–1968”—and in some cases plundering it for images and inspiration—the exhibition will reflect on an earlier generation's racial and cultural radicalism via more than one hundred new and recent works in various media by Deborah Grant, Leslie Hewitt, Adam Pendleton, Jefferson Pinder, Nadine Robinson, Hank Willis Thomas, and Otabenga Jones & Associates. Travels to the Smithsonian National Museum of African American History and Culture, Washington, DC, Nov. 8, 2008–Mar. 9, 2009; and other venues.