• Ryan Gander, Milestone, 2006, concrete, 13 3/4 x 9 7/8 x 4 3/4".

    Ryan Gander

    Bonner Kunstverein
    Am August-Macke-Platz / Hochstadenring 22
    August 30–November 2, 2008

    Kunst Halle Sankt Gallen
    Davidstrasse 40
    June 7–August 10, 2008

    Curated by Giovanni Carmine

    Who says Conceptual art is dead? On the heels of Ryan Gander's one-man show which traveled from Birmingham's Ikon Gallery to the South London Gallery earlier this year, a second major exhibition opens this June. Frequently examining doubt and boredom in studio life, Gander's quiet practice also mines history and memory, and his reworkings of found items—from crossword puzzles and city maps to children's books and PlayStation games—often contradict the spirit of the original: Milestone, 2006, for example, is a Roman-looking marker built from concrete that had fallen from Le Corbusier's midcentury modernist icon Unité d'Habitation. For the artist's first Swiss solo outing, the kunsthalle will present some fifteen sculptures, videos, and installations from the past two years. Perhaps now Gander's considerable reputation in Britain will spread among international audiences. Travels to the Kunstverein Bonn, Aug. 30–Nov. 2.