Gregor Schneider, Haus u r, Rheydt, Germany, 1985.


Gregor Schneider

MACRO - Museo D'Arte Contemporanea Roma
Via Nizza, 138
May 29–August 31, 2008

Curated by Danilo Eccher

Since the mid-1980s, German artist Gregor Schneider has both dismantled and faithfully re-created the rooms of his house in Rheydt, Germany, placing them in public contexts to throw into question the concept of personal space. For this solo show, organized by Danilo Eccher, he will amplify his eerie game by adding a disorienting perceptual device. Part of a project in progress, the installation Double, 2008–, will take over four main rooms of this beer factory–turned-museum, which sports two identical wings. Here Schneider will reconstruct his family's bathroom and his grandparents' bedroom on either end of the venue to achieve a mirroring—and, no doubt, uncanny—effect. The accompanying catalogue, featuring documentation of Schneider's output so far, will be the most comprehensive publication on his work to date.