• Andrea Zittel, sfnwvlei (Something for Nothing with Very Little Effort Involved) Note #2, 2002, gouache and pen on birch, 25 1/8 x 37".

    Andrea Zittel, Monika Sosnowska 1:1


    April 26–September 21, 2008

    Curated by Theodora Vischer

    Andrea Zittel's multiplatform practice elaborates a high-design, postmillenarian vision of rugged individualism—which is to say, one that remains very much on the grid, engaging with, rather than retreating from, the encroachments of consumer culture. The grid with which the Warsaw-based Monika Sosnowska concerns herself, on the other hand, is the geometry of modern architecture: Her sculptures and installations skew verticals and horizontals and expose the latent irrationalities of even the most soberly institutional setting. In this exhibition, organized by Theodora Vischer, roughly one hundred of Zittel's quasi-utilitarian objects, plus gouaches, drawings, and paintings on wood, occupy the Schaulager's first floor, while on the lower level, Sosnowska presents nine sculptures—a juxtaposition that should illuminate how two artists, in different ways, revise the stories we tell ourselves through the environments we create.