Seth Price, Untitled, 2008, European black poplar, olive wash wood, and diamond acrylic plastic, overall 7' x 15' 2".


Seth Price

Kunsthalle Zurich
Limmatstrasse 270
July 17–August 17

Curated by Beatrix Ruf

Crumpled sheets of clear polyester film screenprinted with stills from mujahideen videos pulled off the Internet; precision-cut pieces of wood and metal delineating the negative space around images of people kissing or lighting cigarettes; vacuum-formed polystyrene that registers the shape but jettisons the mass of objects like bomber jackets and ropes: Even at their most insistently material, Seth Price's works gesture toward some state of antimatter, invoking voids, transparency, and the weightless flux of the digital. This exhibition, organized by Beatrix Ruf, will feature at least as much new work as old and will likely blur the distinction between the two, as befits a practice so invested in dispersal, circulation, and recursion.