• Edwin Ruda, Redball, 1965, oil on plywood, 31" diameter.

    Edwin Ruda, Redball, 1965, oil on plywood, 31" diameter.

    “Reimagining Space: The Park Place Gallery Group in 1960s New York”

    Blanton Museum of Art
    200 East Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd.
    September 28, 2008–January 18, 2009

    Curated by Linda Dalrymple Henderson

    Operating in downtown Manhattan for five exhilarating years, the Park Place Gallery, founded by a group of like-minded artists in 1962, occupied a specific nexus of geometric abstraction and new concepts of space. Seeking to map this forgotten quarter of postwar art, historian Linda Dalrymple Henderson has assembled some forty paintings, sculptures, and drawings by the gallery’s major artists: Mark di Suvero, Dean Fleming, Robert Grosvenor, Forrest Myers, and six others. An accompanying catalogue will reconstruct the work’s heady milieu, which fused diverse intellectual currents, events, and personages, including abstract art, the fourth dimension, Buckminster Fuller, Robert Smithson (a fan), and the first Steve Reich concerts. The show promises to add a provocatively warped aspect to our still-too-flat record of modern art.