• Bruce Conner, Looking for Mushrooms, 1959–67, strips from a color film in 16 mm, 3 minutes.

    “Looking for Mushrooms: Beat Poets, Hippies, Funk and Minimal Art”

    Museum Ludwig
    November 8, 2008–March 1, 2009

    Curated by Barbara Engelbach, Friederike Wappler, and Hans Winkler

    Like a well-timed dose of psilocybin, the recent resurgence of interest in the 1960s Bay Area scene has triggered a lambent, delirious picture of that moment. “Looking for Mushrooms” promises to add substance to the apparition with some two hundred artworks made in and around San Francisco between 1955 and 1968. As well as tracing the way fervor met system in the raga-laced intonations of Terry Riley or in the assemblages of Wallace Berman, the exhibition features documentation of performances by the circle around choreographer Anna Halprin and contributions from the likes of Jess, Bruce Conner (whose 1959–67 film of mycological hunts in Mexico lends the show its title), Jay DeFeo, and poet Michael McClure that may make the left-coast intersection of counterculture and kitsch look ever more fertile.