Castelo, Spain

Castelo, Spain

John Cage

Espai d'Art Contemporani

October 4–December 28, 2008

Curated by Joan Cerveró

Everyone knows something about John Cage, but few know him as anything more than a musical prankster––the guy who composed a silent piece and stuck bolts between piano strings. Curator Joan Cerveró hopes to go beyond this perception with an unprecedented, hugely ambitious program: a ninety-day immersion in the composer’s worldview via concerts, installations, lectures, and workshops. In a nod to Cage’s role in bridging sound art and music, Cerveró will divide the EACC’s exhibition space into a set of “imaginary landscapes,” platforms that will present the music in installation form. A highlight of the festival is sure to be the simultaneous performance of about thirty Cage compositions by a four-hundred-piece ensemble of classical instrumentalists, rock musicians, DJs, and even audience members.