Matt Mullican, Untitled, 2006, mixed media on bulletin boards, each 96 x 48 x 3".

New York

Matt Mullican

The Drawing Center
35 Wooster Street
July 25–February 5

Curated by João Ribas

For several decades, Matt Mullican has operated at the edge of the symbolic, that interstitial zone where our perceptual capacity splits from language's ability to classify and describe. Throughout his multifarious attempts to reveal that psychic realm, the artiast has employed the medium of drawing—whether mapping imaginary cities, devised to schematize unconscious thought; constructing cosmological models proposing new psychogeographic coordinates; or staging performances under hypnosis during which, brush and ink in hand, he surrenders to involuntary logorrhea. In this survey, of some one hundred videos, drawings, bulletin boards, notebooks, and rubbings from 1970 to the present, the Drawing Center charts Mullican's ongoing efforts to lend form to the ineffable.