Yael Bartana, Trembling Time, 2001, still from a color video, 2 minutes.

New York

Yael Bartana

22-25 Jackson Avenue at 46th Avenue
October 19–January 19

Curated by Klaus Biesenbach

Yael Bartana delivers resonant poetic reflections on Israeli society, involving bold imagistic and metaphoric forays into the vicissitudes—both human and geographic—of the Palestinian-Israeli territorial debacle. This fall, New York audiences will have their first opportunity to view an important grouping of five video works produced between 2001 and 2007. This presentation and its accompanying catalogue, which includes an essay by Sergio Edelsztein, director of the Center for Contemporary Art in Tel Aviv, marks a welcome stateside showing for an artist who has been a standout internationally in exhibitions such as Documenta 12 and the 2006 São Paulo biennial. The opportunity to experience Bartana's trenchant video and sound installation Summer Camp, 2007, which invokes early-twentieth-century Zionist propaganda films in its portrayal of works rebuilding a destroyed Palestinian house, should not be missed.