• Diana Thater, gorillagorillagorilla, 2009–, color film in 35 mm. Production still.

    “Diana Thater: gorillagorillagorilla”

    Kunsthaus Graz
    Lendkai 1
    January 31–May 17

    Curated by Adam Budak and Peter Pakesch

    In two decades of patiently constructed, often lusciously colorful video and film installations, Los Angeles–based artist Diana Thater has frequently reflected on humankind’s interface with the natural environment. We’re All Mad Here, a new multimedia installation that depicts rescued lowland gorillas, will be premiered as the focus of Adam Budak and Peter Pakesch’s selection of Thater’s work. As with her earlier installations, in which the filmmaking apparatus plays a prominent role, this new multichannel meditation encompasses manifold perspectives. It at once depicts the animals’ fraught encounters with humans, probes viewers’ own complicated relationships to Thater’s seemingly anodyne images of the gorillas, and takes up conventional representations of these animals in popular film and literature.