• Luis Gispert, History Shall Absolve Me, 2008, color photograph, 65 x 120".

    Luis Gispert

    Museum of Contemporary Art, North Miami
    770 NE 125th Street
    May 11–June 27

    Curated by Bonnie Clearwater

    In the mid-1970s the US economy was collapsing; in Miami, however, where the young Luis Gispert lived, cars costing hundreds of thousands of dollars were being bought with abandon, and fitted with bulletproof glass. That insular boom, produced by the cocaine trade, and the concurrent rise of hip-hop culture meet in Gispert’s work, which captures all the distortions of a city in which Art Deco confections house Burger Kings. The MOCA exhibition will trace a theme of “customization” through about thirty works made since 2002, many of which involve cars: photographs of tricked-out interiors, sculptures of lowriders, a film of a cheerleader lip-synching to an alarm. Few artists in these global days seem able to cultivate a nuanced sense of place. For so richly getting Miami, its glitter and heat, its magic and horror, Luis Gispert is exceptional.