Robin Rhode, The Stripper, 2004, still from a digital animation, 2 minutes 22 seconds.


Robin Rhode

Wexner Center for the Arts
The Ohio State University 1871 North High Street
April 2–July 26

Curated by Catharina Manchanda

Featuring some twenty works from the past decade, this will be Robin Rhode’s largest solo exhibition in the US to date. A striking new installation will fill the museum’s lobby, but the show’s focus is the young South African artist’s distinguished work in photography, film, and animation. These pieces, tinged with a sly, lyric humor that recalls silent-film classics, portray individuals, often Rhode himself, interacting with drawings crudely rendered on streets and buildings. Two hands in the photographic suite Snake Eyes, 2004, for example, mime rolling a pair of dice drawn in chalk on a sidewalk curb behind them. Rhode adopts the role of trickster enamored with the fragmentary transcendence offered by illusion; such sleights of hand are linked to the artist’s deeply personal meditation on the slippery struggle for social justice within his native country.