• Raoul De Keyser, Slang, 1966.

    Raoul De Keyser, Slang, 1966.

    “Raoul De Keyser: Replay (Paintings 1964–2007)”

    Kunstmuseum Bonn
    Friedrich-Ebert-Allee 2
    August 20–October 18, 2009

    Curated by Christoph Schreier

    Raoul De Keyser’s career has been an exemplary slow burn: Born in 1930, the painter has garnered substantive attention outside his native Belgium only in the past two decades. Unaligned with any single postwar style, his protean output—from humdrum Pop subjects in the 1960s and experiments with monochrome in the ’70s to gestural expressionism in the ’80s and intimate, gently washed abstractions in recent years—has nonetheless kept pace with the major movements of the past half century. There is, however, a consonance to De Keyser’s practice despite its catholicity, with themes returned to and reworked (often literally, in the citation of prior paintings and the repurposing of old canvases), and the seventy-odd paintings on view will encourage a tracking of through lines in the artist’s long pursuit.