• Terry Winters, Deformation Tools, 2008, oil on linen, 99 x 76 1/2".

    “Terry Winters: Signal to Noise”

    Irish Museum of Modern Art (IMMA)
    Royal Hospital Military Road Kilmainham
    June 12–September 27, 2009

    Curated by Enrique Juncosa

    A consistent presence in abstract painting for nearly three decades, Terry Winters has recently stressed that his interest in the medium is motivated less by belated modernist ambitions than by a liberal, manifold curiosity—about organisms and the natural world, pictures and diagrams, information technology and processing, and, most broadly, cognition. With this survey of Winters’s painting and drawing since 1998, curator Enrique Juncosa explores the artist’s symbolic language and that vocabulary’s myriad effects through large-scale works and serial systems alike. An equally expansive catalogue featuring contributions by Juncosa, David Levi Strauss, Francine Prose, and Peter Lamborn Wilson (aka Hakim Bey) will cover an appropriately multifarious range of subjects, from hermeticism to the use of technical imagery in contemporary painting.

  • Philippe Parreno, Speaking to the Penguins, 2007, infrared photograph mounted on aluminum, 52 3/8 x 78 3/4".

    Philippe Parreno

    Irish Museum of Modern Art (IMMA)
    Royal Hospital Military Road Kilmainham
    November 4, 2009–January 24, 2010

    November 4–January 24

    Centre Pompidou
    Place Georges-Pompidou
    June 3–September 7, 2009

    Kunsthalle Zurich
    Limmatstrasse 270
    July 17, 2013–August 16, 2009

    Curated by Beatrix Ruf

    Among Philippe Parreno’s more iconic works is an editioned DVD whose video simply disappears soon after its viewing: What better metaphor for an artist whose ideas—so often delayed and deferred in his own production—are a story hidden within the story of art during the past decade in Europe? This retrospective seems made in a similarly elusive spirit, unfolding over the next year in four installments across as many cities, each chapter with its own curator and featured works. In Zurich, Parreno will collaborate with Beatrix Ruf and Johan Olander, author of the popular children’s book Field Guide to Monsters. A catalogue features essays by Branden W. Joseph, Maria Lind, Christine Macel, and others.