• Tod E. Gangler, Seattle, 1983.

    Tod E. Gangler, Seattle, 1983.

    “Speed Limits”

    The Wolfsonian | Florida International University
    1001 Washington Avenue
    September 17, 2010–February 20, 2011

    Canadian Centre for Architecture (CCA)
    1920 Rue Baile
    May 20–October 12, 2009

    Curated by Jeffrey T. Schnapp

    In a show that holds up the CCA’s usual intelligent standards, Stanford Italianist Jeffrey T. Schnapp presents his angle on the centenary of Futurism by examining the legacy of its most fervent dream. We can expect not only streamlining and hygienic bodies but also—among the show’s 240 works including videos, photographs, posters, and collages—ruminations on city and country, information architectures, “24 frames a second,” and chemical stimulants. Explicit in Schnapp’s framing of the exhibition—and in the multiauthored catalogue-cum-reader that accompanies the show—is a critical questioning of the beauty of speed, now vexed by the cost of progress: Our cultural Luddism increasingly poses slow food against fast, “mindfulness” against Benjaminian distraction, and reflection in place of “blink” decisions.