Lilian Lijn, Sky Never Stops, 1965.


“Poor. Old. Tired. Horse.”

ICA - Institute of Contemporary Arts, London
The Mall
June 17–August 25

Curated by Mark Sladen

Decades ago, Joseph Kosuth famously dismissed young upstarts like Vito Acconci as doing “concrete poetry,” not true Conceptual art. But the visual experiments with language made by such progenitors of the genre as Augusto de Campos, Eugen Gomringer, and Emmett Williams nevertheless filtered out into the art world, where, perhaps to Kosuth’s dismay, they firmly took root. Titled after the 1960s literary journal founded by Scottish artist-poet Ian Hamilton Finlay, “P.O.T.H.” looks back at this tradition through a contemporary lens to assemble a diverse array of poetic, typographic, and textual works, from wall painting to sculpture, by nearly twenty artists and writers, including Carl Andre, Ferdinand Kriwet, and Frances Stark. A dedicated publication of text-based work will accompany the exhibition.