• Ann Veronica Janssens, Lee 121, 2005, artificial mist and light. Installation view, Sucière. From the 8th Biennale de Lyon. Photo: Blaise Adilon.

    Ann Veronica Janssens

    WIELS Contemporary Art Centre
    Avenue Van Volxemlaan 354
    June 20, 2013–November 15, 2009

    Curated by Charles Gohy

    For the official opening of Wiels in 2007, Brussels-based Ann Veronica Janssens produced a short film that magically captured the abstract beauty of a solar eclipse. Janssens returns to this mesmerizing subject in a new film, which debuts at her first hometown solo show in a decade. Presenting work from the past fifteen years—including several sculptures, five films, and seven largescale, site-specific installations that artificially manipulate space, light, color, and sound, this survey should catch the full spectrum of Janssens’s attempts to give form to the intangible constituents of human perception. A live “laboratory” will operate alongside such immersive environments as Orsay, 2003—an intense installation of pulsing lights—which, like the aerogel the artist often sculpts, astounds, not least for being 99 percent air.