Candice Breitz, Factum Jacob, 2009, stills from a two-channel video installation.


Candice Breitz: Same Same

The Power Plant
231 Queens Quay West
September 19–November 22, 2009

Curated by Gregory Burke

In the 1986 film Heartburn, Jack Nicholson and Meryl Streep play journalists doomed to an unfaithful marriage; a year later, in Ironweed, the two stars cross paths again as Depression-era drifters. For Him + Her—a two-room, fourteen-channel video installation from 2008—Candice Breitz samples clips from some fifty of Nicholson’s and Streep’s roles, weaving them together to effect a schizophrenic chorus. This work joins five other video-based pieces (including a new commission) in the South African artist’s forthcoming survey, which frames her delicious appropriations of Hollywood and the music industry, and their erstwhile cult stars, as canny interrogations of subjectivity’s formation. As a supplement to the show, the Power Plant will host a conference, titled “The Scripted Life,” featuring Breitz and a distinguished cast of artists and scholars.