• Leon Golub, POST MODERNIST BIMBO, 2002, oil stick and ink on vellum, 10 x 8".

    Leon Golub: Live + Die like a Lion?

    Block Museum of Art at Northwestern University

    September 21–December 12

    The Drawing Center
    35 Wooster Street
    July 25–July 23

    Museum Het Domein
    Ligne 5
    January 1–April 30

    Curated by Brett Littman

    Leon Golub was at odds with the world and with himself for most of his long career. His contrarian, combative stance gives his work a ferocity that catches people off guard. Famous in the 1950s, when abstraction ruled the roost, for huge antiheroic canvases of gigantic warring figures, Golub reemerged in the neo-expressionist ’80s with stark muralsize tableaux of political violence in the shadows of the American empire. Unable to paint on such a scale during his last years, he drew prolifically instead. This exhibition features fifty-odd drawings he made between 1999 and his death in 2004. The harsh symbolic imagery, graphic nuances, and Brechtian “disgrace” notes of these late works are a startling coda to an ever-adversarial life.