• Susan Hefuna, SEE, 2006, wood, ink, 55 1/8 x 78 3/4".

    Susan Hefuna, SEE, 2006, wood, ink, 55 1/8 x 78 3/4".

    “Project Europa: Imagining the (Im)Possible”

    Samuel P. Harn Museum of Art
    3259 Hull Road
    February 7–May 9, 2010

    Curated by Kerry Oliver-Smith

    Twenty and a half years after the fall of the Berlin Wall, this ambitious exhibition of works by eighteen artists and artist groups wants to “explore the conflicts and contradictions of Europe’s democratic dream.” While Cologne-based Marcel Odenbach presents a 1989–90 video installation portraying a candlelight procession from before the wall’s dismantling, Bucharest, Romania–based Dan Perjovschi is making a new wall drawing. The rest of the seemingly random team, many relatively unknown in the US, contribute plenty of photography and more video and drawing. Thematic sections will revolve around migrant identity and the market, among other subjects, but the diplomatically tinted rhetoric indicates that the artists’ national origins are going to be crucial—as will be the involvement of critic Boris Groys and curator Catherine David, the former writing for the catalogue, the latter keynoting a symposium on art and democracy.